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Introducing Benoît Gariépy, Solution Engineer for the Americas hub

memoQ - 16/01/2024

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As part of our series about introducing members of memoQ's Americas hub, we interviewed Benoît Gariépy, Solution Engineer at memoQ. He recently joined memoQ and shared insights about his professional background, the path that led to memoQ, how he spends a typical workday, and more. 

Hi Benoît. Please introduce yourself in a few words! 

Hello, I’m Benoît, a new Solution Engineer at memoQ. I live and work in the Greater Montreal Area. I am a copy editor and translator (English to Canadian French) by trade. I worked at a large IT consulting firm for 7 years, then at an LSP for 15 years in various positions before joining memoQ. I would describe myself as quite curious, and I’m fascinated by the intersection of language and technology. In the last year, I’ve also developed a strong interest in information security and enrolled in a business analysis in cybersecurity program at HEC Montréal last fall.

When and why did you join memoQ? 

I joined in September 2023. I’m a long-time user and advocate of memoQ. When the Solution Engineer position for the Americas hub position was posted, I saw it as a perfect opportunity to tackle new challenges and work with an international team and a company that I admire.

What does your current position entail? 

I work with clients to optimize their processes in memoQ. I explain or implement new or lesser-known features, fix some technical issues, etc. It’s mostly about helping clients get the most out of their investment in memoQ. I meet with some clients regularly.

What do you enjoy most about your position?

How diverse the clients’ processes are, and the fact that this helps me find new ways of using memoQ. I thought I was a memoQ superuser before joining the company, but it has been a truly humbling (and exhilarating!) experience so far.

What do you like most about the translation industry?

I have always been amazed by two things: First, its great impact on the lives of people around the world every day, while not being high-profile; Secondly, its collaborative spirit – I have noticed this every time I have attended a translation industry conference or event throughout my career.

How would you describe the memoQ team?

Resourceful, kind, and passionate. The team is comprised of a lot of people who were memoQ users before, and who will make the effort to make this great product even better. They will also go to great lengths to help colleagues.

What would you suggest for prospective memoQ candidates?

Be willing to learn and to work as a team. As I said earlier, clients have very different processes, and to meet their requirements, you’ll have to think outside the box and not be shy to ask for help when needed. Also, make sure to bring a smile to work. Humor and fun are part of the company’s culture!

What are your hobbies?

Mostly reading, watching TV shows, cooking, motorcycling, golfing, and a bit of gaming. I’ve also been “casually” learning Hungarian, but I’m still far from being able to hold a conversation in it.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Winter in Canada is not that harsh. Go to bed and sleep for 6 months, and you’ll be fine!




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