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memoQ 9.3: Beyond Machine Translation. A Huge Boost for Your Productivity


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memoQ Boost Productivity

memoQ does wonders for your productivity. If you use memoQ, you already know that. Read today how our latest release, memoQ 9.3, can optimize your productivity even further. With the newest features, you will be able to use translation memories, terminology management, and machine translation within a single environment. Work more professionally, more productively, than ever before.


Amazon MT plugin

Who says that machine translation (MT) is only for LSPs and end clients? Freelancers can also profit from the productivity boost of using MT in the most up-to-date translation environment.

memoQ already connects you with a wonderful array of MT services. Now, version 9.3 also lets you integrate the  Amazon Translate  MT plugin (and, hey, Amazon offers a free 12- month trial right now!). 

Create your own hybrid translation workflow by adding an MT plugin in memoQ. It is super-easy! Check out this memoQ help article if you’re not sure how to start.


Terminology Management in memoQWeb

Wish it were easier to do more with terminology management when working in memoQWeb? You will find productivity boosters for terminology management in memoQ 9.3. The terminology management interface, where you can import and select terms and maintain important information about their usage, now has features for previewing and modifying import results. You will find you can do more terminology management in less time with memoQ 9.3. 


Batch Operations: Add and Remove Multiple TBs and TMs to/from a Project at Once

You can now select, add, or remove a batch of translation memories (TMs) or term bases (TBs) within a project, rather than just one at a time. And for a multilingual project, you can add a batch of TMs and TBs and memoQ will automatically match them to the appropriate language pairs.



For those of you who already use memoQWebTrans, you will be delighted to find that task management has been greatly enhanced in memoQ 9.3

If you’re not familiar with memoQWebTrans, it’s the browser-based translation environment for working with a memoQ server. Use memoQWebTrans to collaborate with peers, share translation memories and terminology management tasks, and reuse previously translated content.

You can organize your daily work more efficiently in memoQWebTrans 9.3. Among the new features are sorting, filtering, and customizing view options. There’s something for project managers, too, so they can get work to you more quickly and enable more productive working conditions for teams. memoQ WebTrans ultimately makes it possible for you and your team to tackle more, and more complex, projects. 

Check out this page for more information on how to boost your productivity within the memoQWebTrans translation environment.


Keep your SMA updated and enjoy memoQ’s latest features!

Be a power freelancer with the most up-to-date version of the best CAT tool out there (memoQ, of course) at all times. 

Take advantage of memoQ’s Service and Maintenance Agreement (SMA). With a current SMA, you always have access to the newest versions (typically four per year), the latest builds, and our stellar support.

memoQ is a translation environment created by translators for translators, and we don’t forget where we came from. Translation productivity is key for us, so we pay a lot of attention to features that improve the work of professional translators. This is important anytime, and especially during challenging times.

For more details, we have prepared an FAQ about SMA and translator pro policies. Check it out here.


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