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memoQ cloud Infrastructure Strengthens in Japan

memoQ - 16/07/2019

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To further strengthen our Japanese memoQ cloud infrastructure, we have deployed a second server in the country.

Our first Japanese cloud called Sakura went live in 2017. From July 2019, Japanese memoQ cloud users can enjoy a more robust service with the introduction of Fuji (URL:{your-memoq-server}, IP address:, our second dedicated cloud server in Japan.

memoQ cloud is our fastest selling SaaS product with 80% growth in 2018 alone and with over 100% y/y growth in Japan in 2019. memoQ cloud is one of the deployment options for memoQ server, the translation management system of choice for enterprises and translation companies around the world.

The memoQ cloud service continuously expands with new servers implemented globally. We have regional centers in Japan, the United States, the Netherlands and in Germany.

Check out our new offering that features two licensing and three deployment options for memoQ server, including cloud!



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