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memoQ Gaming Newsletter - February 2024

memoQ - 29/02/2024

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memoQ gaming newsletter 2024 February

The memoQ Gaming Unit has been providing optimized localization solutions to a wide range of the most influential gaming companies in the global market, such as Nintendo, SEGA, Sony Entertainment, Riot Games, Gameforge, and GAMEVIL COM2US. Since they are always on the lookout for the latest gaming news, here they are with the February edition of the gaming newsletter, packed with the most up-to-date information from the industry.


We are excited to introduce memoQ AGT (Adaptive Generative Translation), our translation automation technology that will elevate your game localization processes to new heights! By leveraging a large language model, memoQ AGT delivers accurate, context- and domain-adapted translations, enabling game developers to streamline their localization efforts and reach global audiences more effectively.  

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In-country reviewers bring vital expertise when it comes to target languages. Involving a subject matter expert to review and update your translations ensures that your content resonates with local audiences. memoQ's ICR tool offers an intuitive browser-based platform for in-country reviewers while project managers can customize reviewers' experiences, select resources, and include instructions, among other features. 

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Look back on gaming in 2023 and beyond! From Japan's transmedia storytelling to Latin America's rise with influencers, the industry is booming worldwide. Community building, esports, and a dive into the metaverse—learn how high-quality game localization is the key to connecting with these diverse audiences. Read the article below! 

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As games evolve so does the way we pay for them. Get to know the latest game payment methods including subscription, microtransactions, Bring Your Own Game (BYOG), the importance of proper game localization, and how memoQ TMS can be a great partner in reaching your localization goals in the ever-changing gaming landscape. Click below!

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memoQ is excited to participate at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco on March 18-22, 2024. Meet Emilie Renaud, Santiago de Miguel, and Florian Jouanel from memoQ's Gaming Unit during the conference! Click below to book a meeting with them to explore how memoQ can streamline your game localization workflow and enhance your experience! 

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In 2023, BlizzCon returned with an exciting lineup of announcements, tournaments, and community events. The conference provided a platform for Blizzard Entertainment to showcase its latest developments across its popular gaming franchises. Attendees had the opportunity to participate in exclusive reveals, panel discussions, and hands-on demos of upcoming titles. Additionally, BlizzCon featured esports tournaments, cosplay contests, and interactive experiences for fans to engage with their favorite games and immerse themselves in the vibrant gaming community. We look forward to seeing what BlizzCon brings in 2024! 




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