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TM+, the Most Reliable Translation Memory Engine

Patrick Molnar
Patrick Molnar - 03/04/2023

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Translation technology is constantly evolving for the benefit of the translation industry. The available resources help make our work more efficient than ever, but using the latest technologies is essential to keep up with the ever-changing landscape. 

TM+, the next-generation TM engine 

Translation memories are extremely valuable resources in translation, enabling users to leverage already translated materials. After observing a significant growth in the size and number of TMs created in memoQ, we wanted to find a way to not only make using TMs easier for our users but also to demonstrate that TM technology has not yet reached its peak. We developed TM+, the next-generation translation memory engine.   

As your translation volumes grow, you need a TM engine that is always reliable and fast no matter how much data you are working with. TM+ will never fail you and it will always meet your expectations as it is capable of seamlessly handling more than 10 million segments. Its architecture prevents corruption by design, and users can enjoy dramatically improved performance of pre-translation, statistics, and lookup results. 

TM+ incorporates all major translation memory features and memoQ supported languages. It delivers faster TMX import performance and is less sensitive to anti-virus program activity. Features such as statistics and pre-translation will take 50% less time* to be completed while lookup time is cut by up to 70%**.

Hybrid workflows for efficiency 

In memoQ, you can choose from a myriad of machine translation engines via plugins, while new ones are added continuously to provide our users with the latest machine translation technologies. As memoQ offers countless integrations with the best-known and latest machine translation engines, we wanted to make sure that our translation memory technology offers the same value to our users. 

We believe that taking advantage of the best TM and MT technologies together can result in an optimal localization workflow that offers high performance along with high scalability. While MT engines can improve in reproducibility and predictability, only TMs can guarantee them. With TM+, we aim to provide the best-of-breed translation memory engine which can be used together with those specialized MT systems provided by our technology partners.  

The early version of TM+ is available first in memoQ 10.0, with continuous enhancements, new updates, and features expected in the coming memoQ releases. TM+ will gradually replace the classic TM in the next two years, although the latter will be supported until 2025. 

Above percentage estimates were calculated with the following configurations:

*1.3M TM entries, 14k segments, fragment assembly off, Windows Defender off, 8 CPU cores, SSD
**2M TM entries, with high ratio of number only segments, batch lookup time depending on the size of document


Patrick Molnar

Patrick Molnar

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