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Patent-pending Generative AI-based translation technology from memoQ

memoQ - 06/09/2023

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Budapest, September 6, 2023 – memoQ, developer of the memoQ Translation Management System (memoQ TMS), has filed a patent application for a new Generative AI-based translation automation solution.  

memoQ Adaptive Generative Translation, or memoQ AGT in short, is a novel approach to translation automation. With memoQ AGT, translations are generated by a Large Language Model (LLM), similar to the model powering the popular ChatGPT service. memoQ AGT provides instant domain adaptation to generate translations tailored to the customer’s existing language resources and achieves this without retraining or fine-tuning the model itself. As a result, both the language data and the control over the translation process remain entirely with the customer. 

“Translation automation is at its best when it is based on the user’s existing domain data”, explains Gábor Ugray, founder of memoQ and inventor of memoQ AGT, “and an LLM can incorporate this data instantly and on a segment-by-segment basis. memoQ AGT offers the best of both worlds when it combines the generative power of an LLM with the high-quality linguistic data that users of memoQ TMS already have.” 

 “The data needed for this is right there in the translation management system,” Ugray adds, “because that’s where the user’s assets are stored—in translation memories, term bases, and corpora. In fact, the key to good generative translations is bilingual data management and data hygiene, which are the core functionalities of a TMS.” 

memoQ AGT builds on memoQ’s existing LiveDocs and TM+ technologies, which allow users to add content to memoQ’s resources in large amounts and in a wide variety of formats and make them ready for reuse instantly. 

memoQ also partners with Microsoft Azure, both to provide for the infrastructure needs of memoQ TMS and the large language models to power memoQ AGT. 

memoQ AGT is currently being tested and integrated into memoQ’s other technologies and will be released to users later in 2023. 


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Working with AGT requires a well-established translation operation. High-quality, properly managed linguistic data in your TMS is crucial for AGT. In the first phase, we invite our users to express their interest by signing up on the waitlist. Those selected will receive exclusive access, prior to the launch, to try memoQ AGT with all the productivity benefits.

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