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Single sign-on in memoQ: faster, safer login for Windows AD users

András Szántó
András Szántó - 24/03/2021

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Our new product version brings faster, more secure login options for all memoQ Server users. Thanks to memoQ 9.7’s improved SSO functionality, users who were signing in to their memoQ workspace with their Windows Active Directory accounts can now use OpenID Connect and multi-factor authentication for a quicker and safer login process.

A future-proof solution for identity needs: swift and simple sign-in for all users

As they gear up for the challenges of today’s fast-paced digital environment, companies are seeking more robust identity management solutions, such as Microsoft Azure or Okta. With this in mind, memoQ 9.7 allows enterprise users who rely on their Windows AD credentials for logging in to memoQ to use OIDC-based SSO. This way, both enterprises and users can benefit from best-in-class identity and access management and security capabilities, including multi-factor authentication. Not to mention flexibility: the computers that users sign in from no longer have to be in the same Windows domain as the memoQ Server. OIDC-based login allows users to sign in to a memoQ Server from physically anywhere.

When Windows AD users log in, all they have to do is select the option of signing in with an external identity provider, then choose the new provider, log in and provide their old username and password to connect their new account with the old one. If the two identity management systems are compatible with each other, as would be the case with Windows Active Directory and Microsoft Azure, user properties such as group memberships and permissions are also synchronized. Meaning there’s no need for memoQ Server administrators and project managers to manually recreate groups and readd users. As long as the existing Windows AD system operates in parallel with the new platform, user properties will continue to sync.

9.7 release

András Szántó

András Szántó