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Small but Mighty: User-requested Features in Focus for memoQ 9.9

memoQ - 05/10/2021

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Do you know that feeling when you have to repeat a certain sequence of steps and you think to yourself... “I wish there was a button for that?” With memoQ 9.9, we’re bringing you some smaller features that were in high demand by our users to make their work smoother and more convenient. Let’s see the latest tweaks!

Changes to filtering options

Improved highlighting feature

The new highlighting feature has been highly popular among our users, so we made even more improvements to it. Filtered terms have been highlighted in segments when using the Advanced Find and Replace dialog; now, this also works in the Quick Find (and Replace) tool as well. We also introduced a checkbox where you can choose whether to highlight the matches—in case you prefer the old setup with no highlighting.

Filtering option: narrow/do not narrow filtering results with new filtering

We also added one more checkbox to the filtering section. When you’ve already filtered your segments and you do a subsequent search, memoQ automatically searches within the already filtered segments. From now on, however, you can create a default for yourself by deciding whether you want to search within the results or automatically conduct a new search each time. All you have to do is check or uncheck the Clear previous filter results box in the settings.


Tweaks to Antidote in WebTrans

We made two improvements to our Antidote integration in WebTrans:

  • Another supported browser (Firefox in Windows) was added.
  • Changes made in Antidote (which doesn’t display tracked changes) will now appear as tracked changes in WebTrans when Track changes is enabled in WebTrans.


New licensing flow

If you use a memoQ server and hand out mobile licenses to freelancers, they can easily get to work within a few minutes of downloading memoQ. When they get to the activation wizard, the option “I will get a license from a server” option will pop up for them. All they have to do is choose that option, enter the server details, and start working straight away—no need to wait for the 30-day trial to end!


New import options for MS Office Suite files

From 9.9 onwards, memoQ imports the alt texts from images in your MS Office documents. This is especially important from a website accessibility point of view. More and more laws are made (most recently in Canada) to ensure that all services and websites are made available for persons living with disabilities. By importing alt texts from your documents, you can provide descriptions of images for screen reading software programs to access.

Besides this, Strict Open XML files are also supported by memoQ from 9.9 and up.


Changes to WS API

We added a new function to WS API. Until now, WS API package imports have not imported any light resources, so we created a new function that supports this use case as well, so that all light resources are also automatically imported.

9.9 release



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