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More Precision for Grammar Checks And Trados Studio TM Direct Import: The Name of the Game is Efficiency

memoQ - 15/06/2020

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Grammar Check - Trados Studio TM Direct Import

More precision for grammar checks


In previous versions of memoQ, the grammar check underline the whole sentence rather than just the specific grammatical issue.


Like the sentence above.

(Eagle-eyed readers will no doubt have spotted the egregious subject-verb agreement error).


In memoQ 9.4, we have improvement two highly important options in the grammar checker. When pressing "Ignore Once" and "Skip" within a segment, the grammar checker will no longer skip or ignore the entire highlighted segment, just the first grammatical error the checker finds.This was something that made checking the grammar in any project a much more laborious task – and oftentimes resulted in errors going undetected. By changing the logic to ensure that the “Ignore once” and “Skip” buttons will only apply to the specific issue within the segment, we have made the grammar check a much more effective tool.


Trados Studio TM direct import


Let’s imagine that your client sends you an SDL Trados TM. Maybe they don’t have the SDL license that allows them to create a package. Or perhaps they don’t know how to create one.


Whatever the reason, there you are with only the single SDLTM file. When the client sends an update and your assignment is to review based on a TM, you need to import the SDLTM file into your memoQ TMith memoQ 9.4, that process just became a lot easier. Because you can now import SDLTMs directly.


No hassle, no fuss. Imagine that.


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