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Toggle case: term base management has just become easier

András Szántó
András Szántó - 24/03/2021

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Get ready to spend less time managing your term bases and more time being productive. Our latest product version comes with a new Toggle case button that allows users to change the letter case of one or multiple term base entries in a selected language with a single click.

Toggle case: build and tweak term bases with a push of a button

As one of our most requested features, with memoQ 9.7 we’re rolling out a faster, easier way to add new terms and edit existing term bases. When entering or editing a term in the memoQ client, you can now simply click the Toggle case button or press Shift+F3 to change the letter case of the specific term in the selected language to lower case, upper case, title case or sentence case.

You can find the button in the Create term base entry and the Edit term base entry window as the first option next to the Add, Change and Delete icons. Need to change the letter case for multiple entries? Open the Term Base Editor, select all relevant rows and click Toggle case at the bottom of the window to change the letter case of all selected terms in a specific language at once.

Tailoring our translation software to our users' exact needs is at the core of what we do. This is why we’ve made term base management in memoQ as hassle-free as possible. Based on your feedback, we’ve decided to take it up a notch and allow users to change the letter case of new or existing terms without having to delete and type letters row by row.

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András Szántó

András Szántó