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New MT plugin alert: Google Cloud Translation Advanced

András Szántó
András Szántó - 24/03/2021

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Google Cloud Translation Advanced memoQ

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Google Cloud Translation API Advanced offers fast, dynamic translation between thousands of language pairs and comes with powerful customization features, such as custom neural machine translation model selection and glossary support. Thanks to our new Google MT plugin debuting in memoQ 9.7, the solution can now be integrated with memoQ for more accurate, better-quality results in domain-specific translations.

Optimized for translation projects involving industry-, client- and context-specific terminology, custom-built neural machine translation models have been a game-changer for mid- and large-sized translation teams. In our latest product version, the Google Cloud Translation Advanced plugin allows access to users’ customized NMT models created with Google’s AutoML Translation service to fine-tune translation output.

Keeping the old, in with the new: setting up the Advanced plugin

You can select one custom NMT model per language pair and a glossary to make sure that domain-specific terms and phrases are used correctly and consistently across the machine-translated text. If no custom model is selected or available for a given language pair in a localization project, Google will choose the general MT model by default. Glossaries can be added whether or not a custom MT model is deployed in the translation process.

In terms of tags, formatting, regex matching and request format, the new plugin offers the same setting options as memoQ's previous Google MT plugin. Take a deep dive into Google MT plugin configuration here. Not ready to move on just yet? Now renamed as Google Cloud Translation Basic plugin, the old Google plugin will also remain available in memoQ. Users with valid credentials for both could even use them side-by-side in a project with the new Google Cloud Translation Advanced plugin.

9.7 release

András Szántó

András Szántó