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Improve memoQ by Joining memoQ's Customer Insights Program

memoQ - 15/06/2020

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Customer Insights Program

At memoQ, our team’s main focus is to deliver continuous improvements and further enhancements to your localization workflow. With memoQ 9.4, we are expanding the voluntary Usage Data Collection, the option that allows the memoQ development team to collect and access your anonymous data, with the option to provide demographic data. By giving your consent, you greatly assist the memoQ team with reaching our goals to tailor memoQ to our users’ needs.


How can I help by agreeing to the Usage Data Collection?

Giving access to anonymous and demographic data gives the memoQ team the information needed to pinpoint, improve, and resolve issues our users are facing. This is why we would like to encourage all memoQ users, new and veteran users alike, to partake in making memoQ an even better translation experience when we bring new memoQ releases. Participation in the Usage Data Collection is completely voluntary, and it is gratefully appreciated since it gives access to valuable data which enables the memoQ team to tailor memoQ features to user requirements.

Customer Insights Program

How is data collected and handled?

After downloading memoQ 9.4, you will be given the choice to complete a small, 5-step survey.

If you agree and complete the survey, the demographic and anonymous data generated will be handled carefully and kept strictly within the company, staying in compliance with data security regulations.

Providing memoQ with demographic and anonymous data is voluntary. The data collection process is in line with security standards; memoQ will never provide the information gathered to third-party companies.


How is data used by memoQ?

The main purpose of the new demographic data collection in memoQ is to analyze user behavior. The information we gather is utilized for future software developments. This is done by evaluating user interactions, or in other words: studying how our users work within memoQ.

Of course, this does not mean that any other form of communication with our users for feature improvements or new additions to memoQ will become obsolete and abandoned. On the contrary: we believe that with the inclusion of this new survey, we achieve a greater context and obtain a better understanding of our valued colleagues.

If you have further questions or have any suggestions for future advancements to memoQ, feel free to take part in our Customer Insights Program.



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