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memoQ - 17/06/2021

3 minute read integration with memoQ

Highly intuitive and customizable, is used by 100,000-plus organizations to manage tasks, projects and teamwork with ease and confidence. Thanks to memoQ’s new connector, fully automated workflow integration is now available for translation jobs, with pre-defined synchronization rules triggering processes between the two applications. The connector creates both data and workflow integration between memoQ and boards and lets users manage complex translation workflows without leaving  

Set up translation projects right from the workspace 

The connector automatically picks up documents for translation from and channels them through a memoQ project created or updated based on pre-defined templates. Translated files are then pushed back to the relevant item. The connector can import workflow status information from memoQ, so users can track the progress of localization in Work OS. Custom workflows with additional triggers and events are also possible to set up.  

The connector works with selected boards and specific board groups, handling the items hosted on the boards, including attributes and attachments, as working elements of the integration. It monitors what happens in both memoQ and and follows a set of synchronization rules, such as item status or encoded comments in conversations, to prompt action in both systems.   

Automation elements include events like new items or updates on a monitored board as well as actions such as file pick-up or addition, update, or deletion or adding an attachment to an update. On memoQ’s side, actions might include creating a dummy project or a project based on a template, importing or reimporting a file into a memoQ project, assigning and removing user roles, changing workflow status, and creating and downloading statistics. 


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